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As a responsible manufacturer, our prime responsibility and concern during these unprecedented times is the health and well-being of our staff, our dealers and our many customers.

As a result, and as you would expect, we are abiding by all the current UK Government issued guidance and restrictions. Whilst KMUK is still able to provide a high level of service to both dealers and end users, the vast majority of our staff providing that service are working from home. We will of course continue to monitor the situation and act accordingly as the COVID-19 situation progresses.

Dealer Network

Our dealer network are also acting in the best interests of their staff and their customers, and each dealer has taken decisions that they feel are necessary and pertinent in order to abide by Government advice and instruction to ensure everyone remains safe and well.

Some of our dealers have taken the decision to close completely, others have closed their showrooms but kept the Service Dept open for service, repair work and MOT's particularly for emergency vehicles, essential service vehicles and those of key workers. If you need to arrange for a repair, service or MOT, please contact your local Kawasaki dealer directly to establish their current status.

Whilst current Government restrictions in place stipulate that all retail sales showrooms in the UK must be closed to the public, a number of dealers are still available to contact either by telephone or email should you wish to speak to them about future motorcycle collections,  the purchase of a new or used motorcycle, or to book a service or MOT.

Customer Service

KMUK's Customer Service function remains active throughout, however allowances must be made as most of the staff will be working from home, and as such it may take a little longer to respond to some enquires. We appreciate that many customers will have questions or be seeking guidance during this time and in response we have prepared a frequently asked questions information sheet which can be found here.

If for any reason the FaQs do not answer your query, please email, or if you need to speak to someone, please telephone 01628 856750.
We sincerely hope all of our customers, dealers, supporters and friends remain safe, well and healthy during this time of National Crisis.  


Q: My Kawasaki finance is due to end it's term in the next few weeks - what are my options if the dealer I bought from is closed during lock down?

A: For all Kawasaki finance related questions – The best action is to contact our K-Options Finance Partner Black Horse. Each situation is specific and they can help find the best solution for you. You can call them on 0344 8248888 or use the 'Manage my Account' online.

Q: My local Kawasaki showroom isn't open due to government restrictions but where can I get information on different accessories prices and options if I'm wanting to start the research process?

A: If you visit either the motorcycle section of this website or alternatively visit you can choose the model, colour and fit various accessories. You can also calculate the monthly budgets on either K-Options HP or PCP offers. You can also share your Dream build with your chosen dealer too.

Q:  Before lock down I was due to take a test ride on a new Ninja 1000SX. Can I take a test ride during lock down?

A: The UK government has stipulated journey's should only be made if deemed absolutely necessary, unless you use your motorcycle for an essential daily commute, we would recommend contacting your local dealer to arrange a test ride once the lock down period has been ended.

Q:  My Kawasaki needs a repair or service work, is that going to be possible with the current Covid -19 restrictions?

A: The Kawasaki dealer network will be operating in the best interest of their customers and their employees, and like Kawasaki UK will be following government advice and guidelines to ensure everyone remains safe.Some of our dealer network intend to remain open to support the repair, MOT and ongoing service of emergency and essential service vehicles and the vehicles of key workers.  Under government guidelines, dealer showrooms are now closed to the public until further notice. However, most can be contacted by telephone and email should you wish to speak to them about future vehicle services, MOT and repair requirements.  We would advise you to contact your dealership to check if they are open.

Q:  I need warranty work completed, however I cannot get my vehicle to a Kawasaki dealer.

A: In the event you cannot gain access for a repair to be completed under the Kawasaki Manufacturer Warranty and the fault was not logged with the dealer before the lock-down period, please contact Kawasaki  Customer Service to log the issue. Contact your local Kawasaki Dealer once restrictions have been lifted and it is convenient for you to do so. The dealer will then contact Kawasaki for support.

Q: What happens if my warranty expires during the lock-down period?

A: Careful consideration will be given to support each claim as long as the vehicle is booked in for the repair at the earliest convenience and your machine is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.If your machine's warranty was valid during March 2020, Kawasaki will extend it to help with any restrictions you may face as a result of the governments instructions to stay at home, popularly known as confinement or lockdown. The warranty extension period is as yet to be confirmed, but is intended to match the period during which the use of your motorcycle was restricted by the confinement instructions. Kawasaki will monitor closely the restrictions in place and confirm the extension period as soon as the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Q: I have a Kawasaki Service plan and I will not be able to get my product into a Kawasaki dealer on time, what should I do?

A: We would advise customers to arrange for their products to be serviced at their earliest convenience once the current COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and you are happy to do so. 

Q: My vehicle has a WarrantyPlus Extended warranty, I might not be able to get my vehicle in before it expires and it needs to be repaired?

A: We would advise customers to arrange for their products to be diagnosed at their earliest convenience once the current COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and you are happy to do so. Kawasaki UK will also be happy to discuss your claim and log your concern.

All WarrantyPlus and other warranty claims will be considered due to the potential delay due to the current restrictions. Once you are ready to take your vehicle to a Kawasaki Dealer for servicing please discuss your request with them. 

If you need further information contact Kawasaki Customer Services on 01628 856750 for guidance.

Stay home, Stay safe and stay Kawasaki.

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